• Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of next-generation probiotics (NGPs). Based on our deep understanding of Clostridium butyricum, our scientists will build up best-fit solutions to develop C. butyricum as probiotics for our global customers' specific requirements. Learn more:[more]
  • Recombinant humanized (from mouse) antibody expressed in CHO binding to human CD37. Otlertuzumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody designed for the treatment of cancer. Learn more:[more]
  • For a decade, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing antibody engineering services to many clients in need. Empowered by our comprehensive platforms and portfolios, our scientists are at the top in the field and experience in discovering and developing novel therapeutic. Next-IO™ Anti-CD94/NKG2A Monoclonal Antibody Program aims to develop novel therapeutic antibody candidates for cancer patients in need. Learn more:. [more]
  • Bacterial infection is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and the use of antibiotics is the main therapy for preventing and treating bacterial infection. However, overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance, which is a great public health threat. In recent years, using engineered bacteria to treat bacterial infection has gained widespread attention. Learn more,. [more]
  • To convert these inferences into functional attributes (e.g., colonization) in aggressive gut environments, in vivo studies can authenticate these in silico suppositions. Techniques like shotgun metagenomics effectively outline the shifts in the gut's microbiota composition in vivo and identify microbe-microbe interactions as well. Learn more,[more]
  • Creative Biolabs leverages our outstanding capabilities in the research of γδ T cells to support all-around and professional scientific research services, involved in the development of γδ T cell therapy, analysis of γδ T cell receptor, γδ T cell development, and γδ T cell engineering. Learn more,[more]
  • In order to obtain high-quality CAR-γδ T cells for scientific studies, it is required to test the function and activity of CAR engineered γδ T cells. Creative Biolabs has developed a variety of assays including testing viability, migration, and function of CAR engineered γδ T cells. We guarantee to deliver high-quality and high-activity CAR engineered γδ T cells for global clients for scientific and clinical researches. Learn. [more]
  • Creative Biolabs has rich experience in the research of γδ T cells. We can provide comprehensive γδ T cells services. In order to better understand the potential function of γδ T cells, we also provide γδ T cells functional characterization service as follows. Learn more,[more]
  • ADCC-Enhanced Biobetter is a class of therapeutic biological antibodies that are not fucosylated. Creative Biolabs has an advanced Afuco™ technology platform that can control the glycosylation level of antibodies, achieving ADCC enhancement by reducing fucosylation in the Fc region of the antibody. This class of antibodies is a biological drug that increases the binding affinity of the FcyR receptor to immune effector cells. More specifically, DNA recombinant. [more]
  • Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on all kinds of liposome development services. Our strong expertise in delivery system design allows us to help clients tackle challenges and accelerate the design and development of drug delivery.[more]
  • Liposomes are effective carriers for drug delivery, including small and large molecules (proteins, peptides, and DNA). Generally, we can classify liposomes based on the preparation method, the number, and size of vesicle bilayers, etc.[more]
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