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  • The earliest existing record of a telescope was a 1608 patent submitted to the government in the Netherlands by Middelburg spectacle maker Hans Lipperhey for a refracting telescope. The actual inventor is unknown but word of it spread through Europe. Galileo heard about it and, in 1609, built his own version, and made his telescopic observations of celestial objects - https://telescope.ac/micro-blogger/[more]
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  • Unlocking the Potential of Precision CNC Milling Precision CNC milling is a technique for producing accurate pieces and components by using computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining. Cutting tools on CNC milling machines can quickly remove material from the workpiece to produce the desired form or geometry. Cutting can be done with extreme precision thanks to the CNC machine's control over the cutting instruments. Precision Parts and components of a broad range of. [more]
  • The Benefits of CNC Machining Your parts can be manufactured to a high standard in a factory that specializes in CNC machining. These shops are able to produce virtually anything you require because they use computers in their processes. They will take care of everything else; all you need to do is provide them with a drawing or blueprint and they will handle everything else. The fact that the components produced by a CNC machining shop are invariably accurate and. [more]
  • The rise of the commercial space industry through partnerships like NASA's collaboration with SpaceX and Blue Origin is poised to create a trillion-dollar sector. This growth in space tourism prompts the need for robust regulations, while lessons from deep-sea exploration emphasize the importance of certification. #spacetourism #spacetravel [more]
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