• The Introduction of 5 Bar Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet 5 bar aluminum checker plate sheet, also known as 5 bar anti-slip aluminum plate, is made of rolled smooth aluminum plate, rolled with steel roll engraved with 5 bars or rhombus. The raised pattern not only provides an aesthetic look but also improves traction, making it suitable for applications that require slip resistance. Alloys such as 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5754, 5083,. [more]
  • The Introduction of Aluminum Tread Checkered Plate Sheet Patterned aluminum plate is also known as embossed aluminum plate or anti-slip aluminum plate. Patterned aluminum plate is an aluminum product that forms various patterns on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum plate. It has anti-skid effect and is widely used. The typical usage is to make anti-skid Bottom plate, non-slip step ladder, or used in packaging, construction, curtain wall,. [more]
  • The Introduction of 3003 Aluminum Tread Checkered Plate Sheet 3003 Aluminum tread checkered plate sheet is a typical Al-Mn alloy, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate. The manganese content of the 3003 pattern aluminum plate can reach 1.20%, because the 3003 pattern aluminum plate is better than the 1 series aluminum plate in terms of anti-rust performance. Because of the increase of manganese element, the hardness of 3003 patterned aluminum plate alloy is high, it. [more]
  • The Introduction of 5083 Aluminum Tread Checkered Plate Sheet The main component of 5083 aluminum tread checkered plate sheet is magnesium element, the content is between 3% and 5%. Also known as aluminum-magnesium alloy. Due to its low density, it has high tensile strength and elongation. The varieties of 5083 patterned aluminum plates that Flait Aluminum can produce include diamond-shaped, two-bar, three-bar, five-bar pattern plates, etc.,. [more]
  • The Introduction of 5052 Aluminum Tread Checkered Plate Sheet The main alloy element of 5052 aluminum tread checkered plate sheet is magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3% and 5%. The aluminum-magnesium alloy pattern plate has good anti-rust effect, excellent welding and good corrosion resistance, and excellent processing performance It can be used in occasions with high strength and high corrosion resistance. 5052 aluminum alloy has a fairly high. [more]
  • The Introduction of 8021 Aluminum Foil 8021 Aluminum foil has excellent moisture resistance, light shading and high barrier ability. Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic. Aluminum foil after compounding, printing, and gluing is widely used as packaging materials, and it is the main product of food packaging and battery soft packaging aluminum foil. During the production process, 8021 aluminum foil has passed multiple tests such as bacteria and mold. The. [more]
  • The Introduction of 5052 Aluminum Foil 5052 aluminum foil belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy, which has a wide range of applications and is a promising aluminum alloy.5052 aluminum foil has moderate strength, good formability, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent weldability and good surface treatment effect. It is a typical food-grade aluminum foil, commonly used in food packaging, lunch box materials, food packaging boxes, packaging. [more]
  • The Introduction of 8079 Aluminum Foil 8079 Aluminum foil products have the characteristics of high strength, excellent elongation and rolling performance, and have extremely high moisture-proof and fresh-keeping performance, and are not easy to deform. The 8079 aluminum foil produced by our company has multiple advantages such as food grade, clean oil removal, less pinholes, good product shape, and no deformation when cutting. 8079 Aluminum. [more]
  • The Introduction of 8011 Aluminum Foil 8011 Aluminum foil has mature production technology, stable quality, and excellent mechanical properties such as elongation and tensile strength. It is used in the production of various single and double zero foils, bottle cap punching materials, air conditioner foil radiator fin materials, architectural decoration and other fields, it is a product with a wide range of uses and a large amount of. [more]
  • The Introduction of 8006 Aluminum Foil 8006 Aluminum foil has high strength, good elongation and rolling performance. The product is smooth and flat, has extremely high moisture-proof, fresh-keeping performance, and is not easy to deform. 8006 aluminum foil is mainly used for making lunch boxes/food container and egg tart trays. The Product Specification of 8006 Aluminum Foil Alloy: 8006 aluminum. [more]
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