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  • 1. Make sure you have everything ready before you start trying to breastfeed. 2. Make sure your baby is positioned well in your arms before you start nursing. 3. Make sure the nipple is in the baby's mouth and not just resting on their lips, this will make it easier for them to latch on and start sucking. 4. Get comfortable! You might want to sit up in bed or on the couch with pillows behind your back and under your knees if that helps you feel more supported. 5. Don't forget about nipple cream. If your nipples are cracked or sore, applying some lanolin- based nipple cream can help make things more comfortable during feedings until they heal up naturally over time. 6. Don't force it! If it feels uncomfortable or painful at first, try taking a break for an hour or two before trying again later on, this will give both of you time to relax while still giving baby time with mommy's milk supply building up inside them so they don't go hungry too long after eating first time around. Read more -
  • Moms can find comfort and support their babies in latching on by trying different positions. Don't be discouraged if one method doesn't work - simply switch it up and try something else until you find a position that works for you. It's all part of the process, and with a little patience and experimentation, you'll soon find the best way to feed your baby. Here are some feeding positions you can try with your baby: 1. Football Hold 2. Cradle Position 3. Cross-Cradle Hold 4. Side Lying Position "Try different breastfeeding positions to find the one that works best for you and your baby." Read more -
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