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  • Diagnosis of supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia dental condition can be reported in medical claims using specific ICD-10 codes.[more]
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  • Listen to the podcast by Amber Darst – OSI’s Solutions Manager, Amber Darst discusses about Medicare coverage for dental procedures.[more]
  • Making data-driven decisions by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) can go a long way in improving dental practice performance and patient care.[more]
  • Supernumerary teeth refer to the excess number of teeth that grow in a person’s mouth. It is to be documented using the right ICD-10 codes.[more]
  • Just as for any other medical specialty, insurance verification is needed in dental practices to determine the patient’s eligibility for the treatments.[more]
  • Listen to the podcast by Amber Darst, OSI’s Solutions Manager discusses the importance of verifying dental insurance coverage for porcelain veneers.[more]
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