• Govindan Lakshmanan was born in Tamil Nadu on June 5, 1990. The father of the boy was a farmer, and his mother was a daily wage worker. The child’s father died when he was six years old, and then his mom had to work hard to feed three children. Even in a hard time, the single parent encouraged her kid to fulfil his dream. Govindan Lakshmanan began athletic training under coach Loganathan at the age of sixteen. The mentor owns the Youth Sports Club in Pudukkottai where. [more]
  • Centric is a global activewear brand established in New York in early 2018. We are a modern activewear company fueled by color, built on functionality, and engineered for high performance. Today it is our mission to help reflect and inspire the moods and attitudes of the modern athlete across the globe through colorful self-expression. Our aim is to do color in innovative athletic wear better than anyone else.[more]