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  • How To Choose Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer? If you are reading this blog, we bet that you are a jewelry retailer or a reseller who deals in gemstone jewelry. The reason why you must have landed on this blog is because you have just started your journey as a jewelry retailer, or perhaps, you have had some shortcomings while purchasing jewelry from a manufacturer. You must have questions in your mind, questions like, how to assess the credibility of your wholesale gemstone. [more]
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  • What Are the Benefits of Handcrafted Jewelry? And Should Handcrafted Jewelry Be a Part of Your Collection? The process of making handcrafted jewelry (which is also known as handmade jewelry) has been practiced for thousands of centuries. Artisans as well as jewelers have harnessed their passion and creativity in order to create individual jewelry pieces that are not only unique but are also of high quality. Creating jewelry purely by hand and hand-held tools (such as lathes. [more]
  • CAD Designing Changed The Gemstone Jewelry Industry Revolutionizing the jewelry industry, CAD software-backed digital design processes have seamlessly integrated into the workflow of jewelry designers. These, coupled with 3D printing, open up boundless creative avenues and customization opportunities. With a myriad of options available, ranging from general CAD Designing tools to specialized jewelry design software, each comes with unique merits, drawbacks, modeling. [more]
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  • How to Wear Handmade Gemstone Jewelry and Look Fashionable?The common theme among all handmade gemstone jewelry pieces is that artisans make each piece only through hand and simple tools. Upon observing handmade jewelry carefully, you will discover that no two pieces of handmade jewelry look exactly the same, but rather, they are beautifully imperfect with their tiny variations in their design and aesthetics. The most common types of handmade jewelry that you will find in. [more]
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