• Blue Topaz Gemstone - Benefits and Cleaning Process Blue Topaz as the name suggests is a blue Gemstone that belongs to the topaz family. The stunning blue topaz comes in a variety of shades, from light to dark. This gemstone is comprised of aluminium and fluorine. This gleaming gemstone stands for wisdom and communication. It is advised to wear this lustrous gemstone in conjunction with Sterling Silver Jewelry. You could connect with your consciousness and get insight by. [more]
  • Physical and Optical Properties of Amethyst Gemstones Amethyst is renowned as a spiritual stone in addition to being a stone of healing. With the aid of this stone, you can sharpen your mind and increase your capacity for lucidity. Wearing Amethyst Jewelry helps prevent evil ideas from occurring, establish enlightenment, and boost cognition by fostering a fuller insight. It was recommended that you set your amethyst with Sterling Silver Jewelry to maximise the advantages. [more]
  • Birthstone Jewelry for January - The Ultimate Guide for Retailers People will be excited to get the birthstone jewelry for January and start the new year afresh with all the positivity and energy. And if you can be the jewelry retailer who can provide what they want, what more can you ask for! But just in case you're thinking that you are doing good with your existing market, you should go ahead and read further to know what you are losing by not considering the. [more]
  • How to Care For Gemstone Rings One of the most important tasks for keeping your gemstone jewelry in good condition is cleaning. To preserve the lustre and brilliance of your rings, you must regularly clean them as well as other jewellery pieces. Your Wholesale Gemstone Rings may develop layers on the gemstone as a result of interaction with lotions, perfumes, dirt, dust, sulphur, chlorine and other chemicals, which can seriously impair the gemstone's beauty. However, if. [more]
  • Handmade Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring The Amethyst Rings are grabbing eyeballs from all over the world. This is mainly because of its praiseworthy purple hues of gemstone that offers luxury in its outlook. And when the ring is embedded in sterling silver, it gives a whole new level of pleasure. Jewelry lovers are getting insane over this incredible creation, or it's becoming everyone's favorite. At Rananjay Exports, we keep the utmost care of quality and thus source the. [more]
  • Amethyst Jewelry- The Birthstone of February Sterling silver Amethyst Jewelry is the accessory that is gaining the dignity of the royal one. This is primarily because of the dark purple color of the amethyst gemstone that gives a rich appearance. And when it is embedded in the silver setting to create a genuine amethyst ring, it gets to a different level altogether. The people across the globe are loving the 925 silver amethyst ring collections. With a variety of jewelry. [more]
  • Wear Moonstone Ring Look Stylish and Trendy Look stylish and trendy in this modern era by holding the Moonstone Ring. It is one of the prized crystals from the feldspar group and is thought to yield the energy of the Moon. It promotes well-being and balance of life and enhances your willpower. It comes in the hues of blue, pink, green, or gray. Sri Lanka, India, and Australia are significant producers of the crystal. The crystal gets a stunning look when it is set in. [more]
  • Cleansing and Recharging Methods of Kyanite Jewelry The mystical purifier, water, is thought to flush out any negativity held within the gem stone. By washing your Kyanite Jewelry with water, you can make sure that all of the old, negative energy is released and returned to the ground. You might use pure river water or water that is running from the faucet to wash your Kyanite Ring or Kyanite Pendant. It is preferable to take a bowl of water and soak the stone in it for a. [more]
  • Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is a unique and energetic bead with two naturally joined rudraksha representing Lord Shiva and Parvati, offering peache and balance. For more information visit:[more]
  • 925 Silver Moonstone Gemstone Designer Ring Embrace your divine female calm energies by investing in Moonstone Ring. The visual concept of sparkling moonlight makes Moonstone beautiful. Another name for alluring Moonstone is 'Selenite,' which refers to the name of the Greek Goddess Selene. Welcome good fortune and luck in style by wearing moonstone ornaments. Shop a fantastic range of moonstone ornaments on the Rananjay Exports site, as they have an extensive range of. [more]
  • How To Identify Cracks Vs Inclusions In Gemstones It can be hard to distinguish between an inclusion and a crack when purchasing Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry. While it may not be simple for everyone to tell the difference between a crack and an Inclusion, those with expertise and knowledge of gemstones may be able to. The durability and worth of the gemstone are impacted by the presence of both cracks and inclusions. A gemstone with an inclusion is uncommon and expensive.. [more]
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