Alternative Medicine

  • Hyaluronic acid is like a substance that occurs in the joints, and it acts as a lubricant as well as a shock absorber, helping the joint to work properly. Hyaluronic acid injections are also known as HA or gel injections. They are used in treating knee pain of patients with osteoarthritis or for whom other treatments have been ineffective.. [more]
  • Auroraa Skin and Cosmetic Clinic in Chennai offer a wide array of services for skin, hair, nail & body concerns. We are equipped with a team of highly educated, skilled & trained best skin doctor in Chennai who have the expertise to deal with different types of skin & customize treatment plans accordingly based on individual skin type. We are pioneers in dermatology and cosmetology in introducing cutting-edge technology in the aesthetic & beauty industry in. [more]
  • Hande Hospital is unique from all other physiotherapy practices by providing the best physiotherapy in Chennai. We have earned a reputation for providing extensive care with the help of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists, therapists, and qualified rehabilitation specialists who are specialized in manual therapy, strength training, endurance training, mobilization, ergonomic advice, balance training, fitness training, and many other sophisticated techniques. Our. [more]
  • Total Knee Replacement surgery or TKR is an operative procedure where the damaged knee is replaced using an artificial knee. During the surgery, the ends of the thighbone are ejected and replaced with an artificial metal shell the edge of the leg bone is replaced with a plastic piece over a manmade metal stem. Depending on the damaged condition of the kneecap, the undersurface will also be resurfaced with a plastic kneecap. Many designs with different materials are used in. [more]
  • A dermatologist diagnoses and treats conditions which can affect your hair, skin, and nails. They also deal in treating the delicate tissue or the mucous membranes that line your nose, mouth, and eyelids. For more details visit or call us 98410 11390.. [more]
  • Healthy and strong nails are a sign of good health. If you want to strengthen them you should opt for a quality nail treatment. We at Auroraa Clinic believe that nail doctors in Chennai are experts in treating skin, and nail issues to revitalize the overall appearance. Moreover, our professionals not only focus on cosmetic treatment but they possess in-depth clinical knowledge on health issues causing nail problems. Dr. Aarthi Sathishkumar from Auroraa Clinic is a very. [more]
  • Endoscopy Test in Chennai is a non-surgical procedure that is performed in order to examine a person’s digestive tract. It is done using a flexible tube or an endoscope with a light and camera attached to it, by which it can help the physician to view pictures of the digestive tract on a TV monitor and help the patient to get treated in an appropriate manner. During an Upper GI Endoscopy, an endoscope can be easily passed through the mouth, throat, or into the. [more]
  • Knee Cartilage Transplants is a method to replace damaged cartilage in the knee joint with healthful, cartilage. This is thought of as one of the greatest knee pain therapy. Knee cartilage transplants are just performed in regions where there’s smaller harm as a graft could just be removed out of a small region from precisely exactly the exact identical joint. They’re generally performed by means of a little camera called an arthroscope, which means that the. [more]
  • Shens Hospital is the best gynaecology hospital in Chennai which provides comprehensive healthcare for treating the woman with the highest quality standards for providing the best medical treatment. They deliver a flawless treatment in gynaecology combined with revolutionary technology using the best medical expertise and advanced procedures to exceed the horizons of excellence. The world-class healthcare services at affordable costs are given with a persistent emphasis on. [more]
  • Piles are the blood vessels that lie within the walls of the rectum and anal canal. It occurs when the blood vessels are swelling and the tissues above them are stretched. This leads to strained bowel movement causing pain and discomfort. Hande hospital provides comprehensive treatment in being the best piles hospital in Chennai. Founded by former Tamilnadu health minster H.V. Hande, Hande hospital provides one of the most affordable piles treatment in Chennai. For more. [more]
  • Dermatology in Chennai is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, disorders, cosmetic and ageing conditions of the skin, hair, nails, and oral and genital membranes with different therapies and surgeries. The human skin has three parts that include the outer epidermis, middle dermis and hypodermis that acts as a communication channel between the two layers.For more details or call us 9962242000.. [more]
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