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  • Protect your Lipsticks with Kraft Lipstick Boxes Kraft paper is an extremely ventilating material that protects your lipsticks from moisture, humidity, and heat. Kraft lipstick boxes are immensely customization-friendly. Moreover, being ecological and recyclable they are the first choice of any brand. CP Cosmetic Boxes is mastered in the personalization of Kraft lipstick boxes. We are giving free design support to our valuable customers.. [more]
  • Reception is quite memorable too in which women want to look as much pretty as she can. If you are the one who recently got married and going to attend your wedding reception then you may again need the best makeup artist for your makeover and in this case you are at correct place because we have a variety of makeup artist which can make you look amazing at the day of your wedding reception.[more]
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  • Wedding makeup is not a piece of cake, and not every makeup artist has a flair for acing it. Choosing one who knows her work well and even charges appropriately is difficult, and we can make this more comfortable for you. Get in touch with us today![more]
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