• Germany is country of Europe located in central Europe Official Name: Federal Republic of Germany Capital: Berlin Total area: 357 021 km2 GDP per capita: $39,028 Native Language: German Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic Population: 80,399,300 Major Religion: Roman Catholicism, Lutheran Monetary Unit: Euro (EUR) Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Europe. The country. [more]
  • Infrastructure of Germany Germany's logistics performance index is 4.12. It performs well - the logistics system is well prepared and organized, the shipments usually arrive on time and undamaged, and the infrastructure is ready to handle even unpredictably large volumes of traffic as long as it is not overwhelmed. The customs performance is rated as 4.1. It indicates good performance - customs clearance is quick and effective, in some cases it may even be absent (e.g.. [more]
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