• Pave Setting: Everything You Need To Know If more sparkle means more fun to you, and you desire to have a piece of jewelry with the look of a thousand sparkling stars, then pave setting is the setting you need to go for. It’s a brilliant stone setting style in which the gemstones tend to easily hide the metal and give an all-sparkly look, which indeed looks romantic. Let us learn everything about the pave setting style.[more]
  • Customized May Birthstone Jewelry: Overview of Emerald Are you a jewelry retailer, looking for custom May birthstone jewelry for your brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce website? If yes, then you can order custom birthstone jewelry from wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers and suppliers like Rananjay Exports. When you order custom jewelry from them, you get freedom of all sorts – from getting to a particular design and type of jewelry that you want to choosing. [more]
  • Difference Between Gemstone Shapes and Cuts: The Ultimate Guide The possible combinations of gemstone shapes and cuts are practically endless. Many styles such as the emerald cut and the princess cut have earned their popularity because of their enduring beauty, but there are many other stunning and unique designs into which gemstones can be fashioned. Gems are cut, faceted, and polished to intensify their innate allure by expert gemologists – this task requires. [more]
  • Customized March Birthstone Jewelry: Overview of Aquamarine In case you are looking for customized March birthstone jewelry, you have three ways. Either, you can visit a chain store that deals in jewelry, and get custom-made aquamarine jewelry for yourself. Here, you will face only one problem – the custom-made jewelry that you order from them will be inspired by their current stock, and there is a limit to your options when it comes to customizations. In this choice,. [more]
  • 7 Chakra Bracelet: Harnessing Inner Harmony with Compass Jewelry In the fast-paced world we navigate daily, finding moments of inner harmony is a pursuit many seek. Enter the 7 Chakra Bracelet by Compass Jewelry—a unique accessory designed not only to adorn your wrist but to align your energy centers and foster a sense of balance and well-being. Read Full Article Here:[more]
  • Stonex Jewellers in Auckland offers stunning Ladies' Dress Rings with precious gemstones like emerald, ruby, diamond, and blue sapphire. Elevate your style with these eye-catching 9ct gold rings, perfect for special occasions. Make a statement at weddings or parties and add a touch of elegance to your everyday look! Shop now:[more]
  • Top Bollywood Celebs & Their Love For Emerald Stones Emerald jewelry is not a new trend in the market; for about six thousand years, mankind has fallen in love with this green beauty. This gemstone is quite expensive – some emerald stones might even surpass the value of diamonds when compared carat to carat. It is loved by people of all ages even though it is not as economically viable as other semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, tourmaline, turquoise,. [more]
  • How Is Gemstone Jewelry Manufactured: Step by Step The next stage involved in the process of gemstone jewelry manufacturing is filing. In this process, the excess metal is removed from the jewelry piece. In order to remove the casting layer and create a smooth finish, a variety of files and burns are used. Once the filing is over, the task of assembling is done in which two or more components of the same design are joined using the laser technique or soldering. [more]
  • Valentine’s Day Special: Gemstones For Her In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 gemstones that can be gifted on Valentine’s Day, as well as how can you make this Valentine’s Day special for your partner. But first of all, let us know the history of Valentine’s Day and its association with St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day, a day to show appreciation to your significant other by giving them a gift, is indeed a special occasion. While you can. [more]
  • Customized February Birthstone Jewellery: The Best Amethyst Gifts If you are a February baby, you have a lot in common with amethyst. And it is not just the stunning looks or the inner sparkle – February birthstone Amethyst is relaxing, joyful, a bit mysterious, and soothing – just like all our February borns. Also, amethyst’s beautiful deep purple hues indicate the vibrant spirit of all our February babies. We know how intense these February borns are. [more]
  • Choosing the Perfect Gemstone for Your Custom Jewelry: A Guide Jewelry, as all of us recognize, is more than simply a bit of decoration. It tells testimonies, holds memories, and symbolizes the maximum profound feelings. When opting for custom earrings, the challenge is to pick out the perfect gemstone that resonates with you. But with the plethora of gemstones to be had in the market, how do you are making the proper choice.[more]
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