• If you face any error while using Canon Printer for your professional or personal work, you can always speak to the team of elite professionals who are always there to guide you. Dial Canon helpline number which is functional and always help users going out of the box.[more]
  • How do Amazon Alexa App skills work? Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities. You can view and enable skills in your Alexa app and enable certain skills by voice. You can use a skill by saying a specific phrase, called Amazon, ALexa, Echo etc. When you use a skill, it may exchange related information of that skill, such as your answers when you play a trivia skill, you'relocation when you ask for the weather or the content of your requests. For more information. [more]
  • What is Servo Voltage Stabilizer? #ServoVoltageStabilizer #ServoVoltage Servo Voltage Stabilizers are best when it comes to facing the voltage fluctuations due to overload and under load of power. Using these stabilizers can help in preventing many mishaps because of over and under load of power.[more]
  • 7 Free Online Collaboration Tools in 2017 Whether you are a large, medium or small business organization, collaboration is key to your success. With the right online collaboration tools, you can effectively keep your team well connected and moving in the same right direction. The good news is that you can get many free online collaboration tools. These tools will effectively help you. [more]
  • The Top Six Online Teaching Platfoms Nowadays, traditional teaching method can’t meet all the requirements of people of different age groups, they need a more flexible and convenient to learn what they need to learn without time and location limitation. Today, many people are trying to figure out a way to improve education with web tools. Whether you’re considering sharing your. [more]
  • ezTalks - How to Record Online Meeting? Occasionally, we still miss online meeting due to unexpected reasons although we can simply join online meeting from Mac/PC/iPad/iPhone/Android smartphone. Hence, live meeting recording is particularly important to those absentees. Read on to learn how to use ezTalks Cloud Meeting to record online meeting. To begin with, download ezTalks Cloud Meeting. [more]
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