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  • Best Guam Clinic for all skin related issue Are you feeling embarrassed by any skin problem like acne, brown spots, rashes, skin tag, etc? Don’t worry, we have perfect solution. Express Care is one of the best Guam Clinic where everyone can get the best treatment of medical and cosmetic issues in the guidance of top dermatologist – Dr. Jitka Lom. Our first objective is patient full satisfaction so with the perfect team and modern technologies we always try. [more]
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  • Guam Physician | Best Guam Doctors for skin care Whether you are young or old, man or woman doesn’t matter, healthy skin is the first requirement of our body and of course we all want healthy skin. The appearance of our skin tells a lot about our health and this is the only reason that we all want to portray a healthy appearance. If you are facing any skin related medical or cosmetic problem then don’t delay, fix an appointment with our most dedicated Guam. [more]
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