• What are the top fantasy gaming platforms to watch out for around the T20 ICC World Cup? The market is overwhelmed with the availability of numerous Fantasy Sports Platforms. And we all know about the popularity of cricket among Indians. ICC T20 World Cup is one of the most exciting formats of the game. Nowadays, fantasy sports platforms cover all the big and small cricket tournaments, which can be played by fantasy users. Click here to know more-. [more]
  • How can prediction analysis be used in the game of fantasy Cricket? The game of Cricket is growing everywhere - offline and online. Now, the technology can help you to win matches by going through the match prediction. Rising questions in mind like - how predictions can help as they are not facts, what if we lose the match even after following the prediction etc.[more]
  • ULTIMATE11 ANNOUNCES MERGING Mumbai, October 20, 2021, With a mutual understanding the two Fantasy Sports Operators Ultimate11 and Royal11 announce their merger which will take place on October 27, 2021. In doing so, they aim to provide a richer experience for all users of the two platforms when they combine as one.[more]
  • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO USE A FANTASY SPORTS APP PLATFORM Using the fantasy sports app won’t lead you towards victory, it depends on the way you use it. Indeed, fantasy sports apps like Royal11 are easy to use and all the pages can be navigated easily. Make sure you know all about the game before kick-starting your journey on Royal11. Here are the steps from login into the fantasy sports app to being on the leaderboard after winning the match: Click here to read. [more]
  • What's the strategy to select a Fantasy Cricket squad? In India, where everyone knows something about cricket, it is quite challenging to select a potential Fantasy Cricket squad that can help you to win the game on Royal11. As Indians, we have played gully cricket at least once in our life. This craze and love for cricket help the fantasy users to create a brilliant squad. Click here to read more-. [more]
  • Is fantasy cricket the most popular amongst all fantasy sports? The whole world is aware of the craze of cricket among Indians. For some cricket is religion and cricketers are gods. The love for cricket can be seen on the fantasy sports platform. In the last few years, fantasy sports have grown enormously and with this cricket has become the most popular amongst all.[more]
  • Why did India lose against Pakistan in the ICC T20 World cup Match? Pakistan crushed India with 10 wickets in Dubai in the T20 World Cup 2020 played on October 23, Sunday. India lost the toss, and Pakistan chose to bowl first. The team lost all its support as the Openers and Suryakumar Yadav got out by Pakistan Bowlers with a score of 31 for 3 wickets. Click here to read more-[more]
  • Two new IPL teams bagged Rs.13000 crore for BCCI The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League will be bigger and more interesting. Now 10 teams will be playing against each other for the IPL 2022 trophy. With the two new teams, there will be more opportunities for the newcomers, who are looking to showcase their fantasy cricket skills on the right platform. Click here to know more-[more]
  • Most Popular Picks for Fantasy T20 World Cup The selection of the players while playing Fantasy cricket depends on their performance history in the same tournament and recent matches. Your victory depends on the performance as he/she is responsible to earn fantasy points for you. ICC T20 World Cup is one of the most interesting fantasy cricket tournaments, where multiple teams win the trophy. Back-to-back matches are happening on Royal11 between teams to make their. [more]
  • Fantasy Cricket: It's Not as Difficult as You Think Many people consider Fantasy Cricket to be as difficult as climbing mountains in sleepers. Playing fantasy cricket is not difficult, as it doesn’t demand physical skills to play the game. One doesn’t have to be an exclusive batsman or impressive bowler. All you need to do is acquire some knowledge of cricket. Click here to read more-. [more]
  • WIN HUGE MONEY IN GUARANTEED PRIZE POOL Online fantasy cricket is now not limited to one or two formats. A platform like Royal11 organizes new cricket contests daily to offer a huge platform for all the cricket fans. The guaranteed Prize pool is one of the online fantasy cricket formats. Click on the link to read more-[more]
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