• Which Gemstone Jewellery is Best to Buy on Dhanteras? Visit Us - One of the main practices of celebrating Dhanteras involves purchasing gold, silver, or utensils. It has been believed that making a new purchase on the day of Dhanteras makes your entire year auspicious and it also symbolizes the continuous inflow of wealth throughout the year. While some people like purchasing gold and silver coins,. [more]
  • Types of Stone Settings and Methods For Your Jewelry Designs One of the essential phases in jewelry making is Stone Setting. In this process, gemstones get attached to metal casting. The primary purpose of stone setting is to hold a gem securely as well as to enhance the brilliance of a gemstone by showing its clarity, cut, and color. There are various types of gemstone setting methods depending upon the characteristics of specific gemstones and the types of cuts a. [more]
  • Custom Engagement Rings Process Guide Jewelry is an integral part of human life. Every human being loves to wear jewelry in their own way. Everyone has their traditions and preferences to wear jewelry in their style. Engagement and Wedding Days are the most memorable and precious days in someone's life. So many memories, emotions, and happiness are connected with these days. Everyone wants these days to be incredibly perfect. You want everything customized and up to your. [more]
  • Factors Affecting Brilliance of Faceted Gemstone Jewelry In this blog, we will study how the brilliance of faceted Gemstone Jewelry can be determined. We will get an ultimate guide related to the same topic. We will cover some subjects that will be beneficial for us to know about the brilliance of faceted stones. Let us start the content with the most basic question: what are gemstones?Gemstones are also called gems, jewels, or stones. These gemstones are excavated and. [more]
  • Handcrafted Jewelry - A Unique Gesture of Love Jewelry is an important part of our daily lives. It enhances your beauty and is considered the expression of love and affection. And there is something special in handmade jewelry. Not for gifting purposes, but if you are a jewelry lover, handmade jewelry will be the best option to add uniqueness to your piece. Most people still don't understand the importance of handmade jewelry compared to readymade and mass-produced. [more]
  • Customized Sea Life Jewelry - Nature's Beauty Are you looking for customized Sea Life Jewelry that is tailored according to your retail needs? We understand that even the smallest of tweaks and customizations can act as a game changer on the look and feel of the jewelry you sell. This is why, we offer modifications and changes in our Sea Life jewelry so you can make the design unique for your customers.[more]
  • Timeless Customized Earring Styles - The Ultimate Guide When you look at customized jewelry, especially customized earrings, you will discover that it is the perfect gift for someone since it allows you to express your feelings and emotions in a way that is unique and special to you. The customization in the earring makes the design and every gemstone set in that design a lot more than any ordinary earring.[more]
  • The Pros and Cons of A Prong Setting Prong Setting, or Claw setting, is one of the most popular techniques for setting gemstones. It is comfortable and less expensive compared to other techniques. This type of setting applies thin and small metal components (claws) that grow from the base of metal and hold the gemstones securely from their edges. The Prong-setting jewelry looks gorgeous and perfect. You can choose from different shapes, such as round, triangle, cushion,. [more]
  • How to Sketching Jewelry Designs: Basic Concepts Have you ever gone to the market to purchase stuff that satisfies your soul but couldn't find one? Then, you wished to make or develop the product according to you. The same thing happened to me when I was looking for designer jewelry for my brother's wedding. I tried finding jewelry everywhere I could, marketplaces as well as online jewelry stores, but could not find any that satisfied my demand and needs. So, one of my. [more]
  • The technique of Lost Wax Casting, which is popular right now, has been used to make amazing jewelry. It is one of the widely utilized methods for creating exquisite works of metal art. Lost Wax Casting, also known as "investment casting" or "precision casting," was the most popular type of metal casting until the 18th century, when piece moulding—a production technique that involves combining individual components made from numerous different. [more]
  • CAD Designing And Its Significance in Today's World But as we all know, modernization is taking place. In such a scenario, jewelry-making and designing could be done with computerization. Currently, there is jewelry CAD designing assistance available. So, in this blog, we will study CAD, its process, and its importance in the jewelry industry in the spring-up world.[more]
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