• The wedding day is one of the most important days for anyone’s life (including a bridal makeup artist) no matter if you are thinking about the bride or the groom. Both of them are starting a totally new life with new responsibilities starting with this day. This is why everyone knows how important this day is and why every bride wants to be perfect in every small detail. For more details visit website -[more]
  • Before you decide about what kind of makeup you want for yourself, you should try some out and see how they look. Another big help could be the bridal makeup looks that you can see on different photos with different women at their weddings. Do not be afraid of getting inspired by other looks, because this is the best way to find what suits you the best. You should go for someone that knows what he or she does, like a makeup artist, but at the same time you have to be very. [more]
  • Indian makeup has a brilliant base but utilization of shades is exceptionally negligible. It includes a considerable measure of kohl and liner with great eye lashes as well. The general look is exceptionally straightforward and the peculiarities of the young lady are accentuated with insightful utilization of make-up. For more details visit website -[more]
  • Engagement is one memorable time of your life. Whether it is yours or your fried's, you will actually be judged by your appearance and your style. And, when it is time to attend an engagement party in Delhi, then the first thing you would look out for will be a talented makeup artist in Delhi who can create her magic and transform you in a better way. And, Pooja is there to create flawless looks and inculcate confidence within you. For more details visit website -. [more]
  • Make up colours and trends change with fashion styles and seasons. The modern new colour may or may not suit you. There are many skin colours like fair, medium, olive and dark, whereas only two basic skin tones — warm and cool are present. Once you know your skin tone, you can choice your make-up colour palette. Read more -[more]
  • It’s going to be your extraordinary day and all the eyes and cameras are going to be on you! You definitely want to look fabulous on this day but believe me, if your skin isn’t clean and healthy enough; you’re really not 100% ready for your wedding day. Read more -[more]
  • Wedding is one of the most significant occasions in any woman’s life and we want to look picture-perfect on this day. Makeup is the main source of attraction in any bride. The important and main part of any makeup is eye makeup. Eyes are beautiful and visible part of human face, some people have small eyes, bulging and some have big deep eyes. Read more -[more]
  • Weddings are always parties and a chance to celebrate, but they are also symbolic and meaningful occasions. In the excitement of the moment, we might miss some of the deeper truths and messages of the special day and we should try not to. There are many things we can learn from weddings and we should embrace the opportunities they give us! With a bit of observation and thought, we can use the occasion to gain some real perspective and widen our experiences. Read more -. [more]
  • Wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion. If you are going to the beach you shouldn't wear the same or as much makeup as you would if you were going dancing. Also, when you are in daylight your makeup should be a lighter than when you are out for the evening. Read more -[more]
  • A sad face will still remain sad even if the best makeup artist applies the best makeup product to it. It is the same with a tired or sleepy face. This is an important factor every bride should consider. Cut down on work loads, eat well and have good rest while working towards solving any emotional problem you may be feeling before the wedding day comes. By doing this, a bride lays the ground for the effective administration of bridal makeup. Read more -. [more]
  • Healthy and clean skin is a dream of every man and woman. Many people are spending their lot of money especially women, to get a natural, perfect glowing skin. People with different skin types uses different products for their skin. One of the most problematic skin type is OILY skin. No one likes having a greasy face all the time. For that you have to use a perfect facial cleanser which gives you smooth, oil free skin. For more details visit website -. [more]
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