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  • VoLTE stands for Voice Over LTE, where LTE means Long Term Evolution. As the name suggests, VoLTE is a voice call made over a 4G LTE network. It allows you to place a call via your LTE network rather than the “standard” network. https://www.droidalerts.com/volte-icon/[more]
  • How to Set Up and Use ADB Wirelessly With Android https://fixyourandroid.com/how-to/use-adb-wirelessly-with-android/ ADB provides a command line to establish an advanced connection between android and Windows or MAC PC. Usually, we use USB cables to connect Android to PC to use ADB commands. But you can also Use ADB wirelessly with Android. All it needs wifi and a PC. This guide explains the steps to set up and use ADB wirelessly. . [more]
  • Android experience is quite exciting until you start facing issues using your phone. One of the issues that have surfaced on some phones is the phone keeps turning off by itself. This can be a very frustrating situation, of course, you wouldn't be able to do anything with your phone at the time it turns off automatically. All tasks like texting, watching YouTube, listening to music, reading, playing games and any other things you do with your phone will shut down.. [more]
  • Xiaomi Store in Canada, Online Xiaomi Store in Canada Online Xiaomi Store in Canada from the amazing collection of mobile phones with low cost, top features and fast processor.The Online Xiaomi Store in Canada is one of the most powerful mobile phones on the market today. It is the flagship phone of the company, which is why it has so many features. The Xiaomi Store in Canada is compatible with GSM networks, so it will work with most carriers.Get the best offers and. [more]
  • Samsung is a large company worldwide. It’s selling various kinds of electric products like TV, smartphones, Monitor and etc. Not only products, It is also selling so many services like Samsung pay, Samsung wallet, Samsung link and many other apps that are developed by them. So you may think what is Samsung push service does and why should you keep that thing in your Samsung device. https://www.droidalerts.com/samsung-push-service/[more]
  • Wondering what the Com.Android.Server.Telecom framework is? It is the built-in feature responsible for routing and managing your calls. Considering how useful it is, you can imagine how much of a headache it would be if it stopped working. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this first-hand. I couldn't make calls on my Galaxy S21 because the telecom service kept glitching. But I knew a couple of tricks that got it up and running again.. [more]
  • What does across your mind when hearing “optimizing” word? It is a great thing, right? It means you get something upgraded to be better than before. Unfortunately, it is not a good issue for Android users. Some people who use Xiaomi, Samsung, and other Android phones might get frustrated when this word appears. If you won’t get stuck in that situation, read this whole article because you will find how to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App”. [more]
  • AirPods case not charging issue is not uncommon. In fact, for quite some time now, problem threads began to surface on the internet, suggesting that there was some bug in Apple’s newfangled AirPods case that could cause premature battery drainage. While the number of people affected isn’t known, it goes without saying the issue was affecting a decent number of users and kicked up quite a bit of controversy. https://www.droidalerts.com/airpod-case-not-charging/[more]
  • https://www.droidalerts.com/content-com-android-browser-home/ For Android browsers, the content://com.android.browser.home/ default command line is quite common. By tweaking the Android browser's default settings, you can enhance your user experience using the command line. Want to know more about Android browsers and how to customize them?. [more]
  • Many users have experienced this problem of Invalid sim card android and they, too, want to know why does is it occur and how to fix it. If you have run into this issue, do not worry; I have compiled a list of the best ways to address the “Invalid SIM card” error on Android. I hope that following them would assist you in resolving the problem. https://www.droidalerts.com/invalid-sim-card-android/[more]
  • Have you ever encountered the “SIM did not provision MM2″ error! have you ever experienced this? Those who have got the error message know what this is all about. But for those who do not have an idea about the issue here, we are with some informative details! Usually, the error, SIM not provisioned MM#2 comes when you use two sims and swap them from time to time. The main reason for this, as we see, is that the sim card might not be registered or activated.. [more]
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