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  • As leaders in bathroom design and renovations, we specialize in maximizing space and artfully transforming any area into something that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Bathrooms are one part of all our homes that always draw a lot of attention. Whether it is your forever home or you are looking to buy or sell, it is important that the bathrooms in the house are properly maintained and updated. By remodeling your bathroom/s, you would not only be. [more]
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  • UPM - Pest Control Company in Lahore, Pakisatn UPM - Urban Pest Management provides professional pest and termite control services to our customers with advanced technology and methods. Pest Control Services is the leading pest control service provider in Pakistan since 1988 with well-managed professionals and a hardworking team. Our strong nation- wide approach ensures that we have a local presence to support our residential, commercial pest control services in lahore,. [more]
  • Refill of Mosquito Resin Net - DW RESIN NET provides extensive personal protection against mosquito bite. With its unique slow-release technology, the insecticide incorporated within the net is released slowly in to the air over an extended time (up to 30 days). Effective Refill of Mosquito Repellent Resin Net DW Resin Net, an innovative mosquito repellent solution from Japan. It has the following unique features: Excellent Repellent Effect Bite Inhibition. [more]
  • EcoSmart Bed Bug Repellent Travel Size - This organic pesticides is labeled as child-safe and pet-safe. The patented technology is based on natural defenses that plants and trees use to protect themselves from insects and disease. Benefits: – Kills bed bugs fast and repels them – No synthetic toxins or harmful residue – Suitable to use on cracks and crevices and on mattress Visit our website. [more]
  • Finding the ant control products becomes easy with #BugsStop, Singapore! Get Premium Quality Ant Control Products at Great Price! Visit or call +65 9621 1180 for more details.. [more]
  • Safety Screen Doors are designed to act as a barrier between people and animals. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are available for the home and office. These are a good way to keep your home secure and add a touch of style to your home. Contact us to check out! #safetyscreendoors #safetyscreendoorsmelbourne #safetyscreendoorssydney #securitydoors #securitydoorsmelbourne #frontsafetydoor #FrontSafetyDoorMelbourne[more]
  • Checkout our Gravitrap Mosquitoes Trap and Gravitrap set that comes with one container, one detachable container, one piece glue board and more. The Gravitrap, developed by NEA’s Environmental Health Institute (EHI), is designed to attract and trap female Aedes mosquitoes that are looking for sites to lay their eggs. Visit for more details.. [more]
  • Bugs-Stop offers wide range of pest control products for bed bugs, including EcoSmart Bed Bug Killer for Cracks & Crevices, EcoSmart Bed Bug Killer for Mattress & Carpets, Bed Bug Repellent Travel Size, Pest Kit and more.Browse our website or call +65 9621 1180 for details. . [more]
  • Checkout this Pest Control Kit that each household shall equip one for emergency. It consists of: 1 Pack Controz Rodent Glue Board, 1 pack x 12 pieces ICE Insect Trap, 1 pack x 3 pieces Controz Lizard trap, 1 40 g Tube of Controz Ant Gel Bait, 1 40 g Tube of Controz Cockroach Gel, 1 300 ml Can of Controz All Insect Killer. Explore for more details.. [more]
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